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21 Days

of Corporate Prayer and Fasting

Our invitation is for you to join us for our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. We are inviting our church body to pray together for three weeks from October 25 - November 15. Throughout these 21 days, our hope is that we will corporately come together and lift up our requests to God during this time of change and uncertainty, trusting in His perfect will and plan for our church, our country, and the world.

The focuses for these 21 days is twofold – we’re praying For the Kingdom and For the Country. First, we are praying over our For the Kingdom campaign. We launched this campaign two years ago, and we're approaching the start of our final year. It’s been incredible to see what God has done so far, and we want to continue praying over this campaign. Secondly, we are praying For the Country. With things like the upcoming election, continued effects of COVID-19, and a need for racial reconciliation, our church wants to pray over our country in this season.

If you feel led to a couple prayer with the spiritual discipline of fasting, we encourage you to fast from something during these three weeks as well. You can choose one day a week that you will fast from something, like food, entertainment, or social media, and, rather than spending the time you would on one of those things, spend added time with God in prayer.

We encourage and invite you to join us over these 21 days because we believe in the power of prayer. We believe that God can and will move through the prayers of His people.

PDF of Prayer Topics


In Matthew 6:16, Jesus taught fasting as a believer’s duty, saying, “When you fast...” Notice He said when you fast, not if you fast. Jesus expected His disciples to fast as a natural result of discipleship — just as He expects us to give to the needy and pray passionately (Matthew 6:2,5,16).

The Early Church was a fasting Church. In Acts 13:2-3, the Spirit called Barnabas and Saul to their missionary work while the believers were worshiping and fasting.

In Acts 14:23, after Paul and Barnabas established new churches in Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch they appointed elders and committed them to the Lord “with prayer and fasting.”

Scripture never says how often or how long to fast, but we clearly should incorporate seasons of fasting into our spiritual life. Fasting is not a way to manipulate or coerce God into making our agenda happen. Fasting is less about what I limit and more about what I put into my soul. Fasting should include intimate time with God — reading His Word and listening to His voice. 

Fasting can look a variety of ways, and you are more than welcome to design a plan that is best for you. The goal is to give something up, whether that is food or something else, in order to fill ourselves with Christ instead. It is to serve as a reminder to go to God in prayer during that time.

Ideas for Fasting:
  • Food - Fast from sunrise to sunset or skip one meal a day.
  • Social Media - Be intentional about limiting your social media. Delete the apps off of your phone. 
  • Entertainment - When you would spend time watching a movie or reading a magazine, be intentional about time in prayer and reading Scripture.

Finish Strong Brochure FOR THE KINGDOM GIVE