4:13 Strong | Interview with Steve Norris

Jun 28, 2020

TOPIC: Testimonies, Video

"Every man deserves the opportunity to become the man that God intended him to be."

Steve Norris, the President of 4:13 Strong, sits down to share about the mission of his ministry with our Young Adults and College Pastor, T Lusk, who also serves on the board of 4:13 Strong.

Born from his heart for ministry and equipping men to be who God has created them to be, Steve Norris created 4:13 Strong, a Christian ministry that comes alongside men to help teach them life skills that allow them to be successful in the work force, in their personal lives, and in their relationships with others and with God. From walking through restoration of relationships and recovering from past turmoil to learning more about Christ and living in a Christian community, 4:13 Strong stands with these men as they learn what God's purpose is for their lives. 

You can learn more about 4:13 Strong and how you can get involved here.