Anna Kate Williams's Baptism

Aug 22, 2021

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Hear from Anna Kate herself why she chose to get baptized at Rolling Hills:

"I was in pre-school when I moved to Rolling Hills. I always went to Sunday worship, and when Wednesday nights came along, I went to those, too. I went to camps at church, but I really treated camp like a joke. I thought God wasn’t doing anything in my life. I thought I was better than God. My life really changed when I got to Middle School Ministry. When we would do worship, Kendall would sing First Love by Kari Jobe, and I would always cry. I would go to the bathroom just to stop crying, but little did I know, it was God moving through me using the Holy Spirit. Then Beach Week rolled around, and Pastor Jeff said, 'If you want to take your first step, a bunch of the leaders will be outside waiting.' I didn’t think I was going to go out of the worship room, but I felt a little push. Then everything froze, and I heard a calming voice telling me to go. At camp, I decided I want to take my first step in my faith and get baptized. More people helped me along the way of my path, like the girls in my small group, my leaders throughout the year, and my family. Mr. Jay was a very important person, too. He helped me find my way by shaping my way to God when he told me his testimony. I knew that God put him in my life for a reason and the same for the others in my life. That is the start of my testimony. I know I will go farther with God by my side."

God worked through our Middle School Ministry and through the leaders and people in Anna Kate's life. How incredible is that! Thank you, Jesus, for your work in Anna Kate's life!