Change For Change | Shower Up

Feb 25, 2018

TOPIC: Change 4 Change

Rolling Hills started Change for Change as a way to recognize and support individuals or ministries in our community who and impacting the Kingdom for Christ.

In Nashville, like most other cities across the country, there are resources for the homeless to get meals, clothing and other necessities. However, Paul Schmitz, the founder of ShowerUp, discovered that there are very few places to get a hot shower and take care of basic hygiene. In fact, for the nearly 4,000 homeless men, women and children in the Nashville area, there are fewer than a dozen shower heads available to them on a drop-in basis.

So, Paul and his family decided to impact our community by coming alongside other organizations that serve the poor, the homeless, and the transitional in our city, by launching a mobile shower ministry. They provide showers, haircuts, hygiene care packets, warm conversations and love. What they are doing to be the hands and feet of Christ by literally washing the hands and feet of those He loves is changing lives. 

In early 2018, the men, women and children of Rolling Hills Community Church donated more than $3,000 in spare change, unknowing of whom it might benefit. This video shares the story of this incredible ministry who received this gift and, as a result, was able to touch 1,000 more people with warm showers and fresh starts. 

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