Ken Grilliot's Baptism

Feb 27, 2022

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Born and raised in Ohio, Ken's mom had him go to church until he was 16, when she gave him the choice of whether he continued or not. So, he decided at that point that he wouldn't go. It wasn't until he was 30 that he chose to come back to Christ – but, admittedly, he wasn't truly dedicated. Then, he met Amber Bartley and Richard Roberts in Franklin, and they invited him to Rolling Hills.

In the past six months, Ken said that he has finally accepted that God loves him no matter what is in his past, and he has dedicated himself to have a better relationship with God. He chose to be baptized because he was listening to the sermon one Sunday and heard Pastor Jeff explain the difference between being devoted and baptized. At 46 years old, he realized he had not been baptized, and he was ready to take that step and truly become devoted – and to show his church family how God has worked in his life. Praise God for His continued faithfulness in Ken's life!