Koon Marriage Story

Oct 4, 2020

TOPIC: Testimonies, Video

When Scott and Kathy were first married, both of them expected their relationship to continue like it was when they were dating: fun, exciting, easy. When they reached their ten-year anniversary, they were faced with the reality that marriage can be very challenging – and they weren’t sure if it was something they wanted to continue doing.

However, that’s when God showed up. The Lord intervened by showing both Scott and Kathy the ways in which they needed to change and become more like Christ in order to improve and restore their marriage. They learned that it was an everyday choice to be the person, and the husband or wife, that God called them to be.

As they now face one of the most difficult seasons that they’ve had to walk through together, they’ve seen how the hardship they faced in the past served as a means of preparing them for the trial they would now face. Listen to Scott and Kathy’s story here.