Kylie Robinson's Baptism

Aug 22, 2021

TOPIC: Articles, Baptism, Video

Kylie had always grown up in the church and had actually gotten baptized at the age of 7. However, she says that, at the time, she didn’t really know what baptism meant – what she had thought then was that it was a good thing that she needed to do in order to go to heaven. It wasn't until a few months before she chose to get baptized again that she had re-established her relationship with Jesus and learned to connect with Him in the bad times and good times of her life. Kylie says that Miranda Kokes, one of our former interns at Rolling Hills, helped her a lot in teaching her more about Jesus and what it means to follow Him everyday.

What a joy it is to hear that Kylie made her faith her own – all through the transformative power of Jesus.