Lola Kate Duncan's Baptism

Mar 27, 2022

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Hear from Lola Kate about her faith journey:

"I was 6 years old when I asked Jesus into my heart. I knew I wanted to get baptized, but I believed that I would know when the time was right. This past week, while we were on vacation, mom and I talked a lot about when I first asked Jesus to live in my heart forever, and I wanted to ask Him again since I was so much younger. I feel like I understand some things little bit more now. Even though I know He came into my heart the very moment I first prayed about it, I felt like I just wanted to do it again. Now, I feel like it’s the right time for me to be baptized."

Praise God for how He has worked in Lola Kate's life. His faithfulness is so evident, and we are thankful to get the opportunity to walk with her as she navigates her faith journey!