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Making History

God’s Vision for Your Family

Jeff Simmons

August 11, 2019

Do you have a vision for your family? We like to make plans. It’s part of being human. We plan out the meals we’ll have, the trips we’ll take. The most ambitious of us (hey there, type-A’s!) can even divvy out specific tasks for every hour of every day for the next week. But what about your family? Do you have plans for what you want your family to look like next year? What about five or ten years from now? How does God's vision for your family factor into those plans? Join us as we continue our series, Making History, and learn about God’s vision for your family.


Be Encouraged
Styblo Family Story

David and Patrick Styblo share their story of becoming a family and the legacy that David is creating for Patrick.

Jason Gottwals Story

Jason shares how his life of alcoholism was changed forever when he had a moment of repentance on the side of the road.

Craig and Jen Hendrich's Story

Jen and Craig share how setting boundaries at the beginning of their relationship and staying true to them drew them closer to God and made their relationship stronger.

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