Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints for Sunday Mornings

If you are bringing your child to Rolling Hills for the first time, here are some helpful hints for you that will make your Sunday morning experience better.  If you have specific questions about our programming then please email our Preschool Minister, Anna Townsend.

Helpful Hint #1:  Diaper Bags

Please bring one with you every Sunday. Also, please make sure your bag is labeled with your child’s name. 

Helpful Hint #2:  Label, Label, Label

Please label all bottles, pacifiers, formula cans, sippy cups, and snack containers. This helps us when we are trying to make sure each child receives what they need and also ensures everything goes home correctly.

Helpful Hint #3:  Check-In and Pick-Up Procedures

We have an easy to use computer check-in system at Rolling Hills. When you arrive, be sure to visit our Guest Check-In Desk and our friendly volunteers will help you get your child to the right place.

Helpful Hint #4:  Needs

Please make sure to communicate needs to teachers when you arrive concerning diaper changes, feeding, naps, any allergies, or additional information that would be helpful in caring for your child.

Helpful Hint #5:  Diapers/Clothes

Thanks for always packing a disposable diaper and an extra change of clothes. We have diapers on hand for emergencies in case one is needed.