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Part 4: Happily Ever After - NAC
Part 4: Happily Ever AfterPart 4: Happily Ever After - NAC

Oct 04, 2020


For many people, love is an exchange. The idea of a love bank is not a bad understanding of healthy relationships. For the marriage or the friendship or the neighborly relationship to thrive and be healthy, both persons have to give. Although it will never likely be fully equitable, there is give and take. It’s the essence of compromise when two sinful people care for and serve one another, but also receive blessings from each other. As it’s practiced, these debits and deposits are not a bad understanding of love. But, they are an incomplete one. The love we’re called to in Christ goes beyond that. Unconditional and sacrificial moves us past the idea of merely transactional. The question of happily ever after may not be finding someone who will love us, but in knowing we have already found the ONE who loves us and invites us to love all others (sometimes including a special someone) with HIS kind of love.

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