At Rolling Hills, we value the idea of church membership. We just refer to church members as partners because that word really helps define the idea of what church membership is all about. It’s not about gaining access to status or privileges the way that membership in a professional association or even a local gym describes. It’s about partnering with like-minded believers to build a community of faith. It’s about the responsibility we share to advance Christ’s mission in the world.

As a Southern Baptist church, we appreciate foundational Biblical doctrines such as the "local autonomy of the church," the "priesthood of the believer" and "baptism following one's salvation experience."

A partner at Rolling Hills is a committed, baptized, believer in Jesus who desires to use his or her life to reach people, grow in faith, and give all to the kingdom of God.

How do I become a Partner at Rolling Hills?

Step one is to take a Partnership class. You can do that in person and it takes about an hour. You’ll learn all about our history, vision, values, structure, staff, and so many more important details about Rolling Hills. We aim to answer any and every question you might have. We also have an on-demand version here that you can watch at your convenience.

Online Partnership Class

The final step, once a person is ready to join, is to sign a Partnership Covenant. Covenant is an old-school word that really means promise or commitment. The Covenant outlines the core commitments of church partnership. It will be explained and provided as part of the class experience.

You can register below for an upcoming Partnership class led by one or more of our staff team or watch the class on-demand here. If you have any questions please contact our Nashville Campus Pastor Nic Allen.