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Part 8: Legacy for Jesus - NOC
Part 8: Legacy for JesusPart 8: Legacy for Jesus - NOC

Aug 02, 2020


Legacy is a word you may not think about often, but your legacy is something that is being developed moment by moment, day by day, as you live your life. If you have children or grandchildren, your actions and priorities speak to the legacy you will leave. The friends and neighbors you work with, or do life with, are going to be impacted positively or negatively, by how you live your life. This is legacy! You may think the best thing you can pass onto the next generation is money, power, or resources; however, these things will truly never satisfy and will never last. Every action, word, and deed that points others to a relationship with Jesus Christ is truly the most impactful way you can spend your life. What kind of legacy do you desire to leave?

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