Rooted: Knowing Who We Are

Looking Forward to Where We are Going…
Looking Forward to Where We are Going…

Jan 28, 2018


Anniversaries are a great opportunity for us to do three things: to remember what God has done, to evaluate where we are in the journey, and to look forward to all that is to come. This is important in our marriage, our work, and in His Church. Together, as God’s church here at Rolling Hills, we are so blessed to be a part of an incredible 15 years. But, God is not finished with us yet! Our God is calling us to grow deeper in our faith, to reach out in love to those around us, and to give our lives for His glory. How can you join God in what He is doing in 2018? What “Next Steps” is God calling you to take? Maybe it is being baptized, joining the church, being a part of a Community Group or going on a mission trip. Whatever it is, let’s continue to give our all for the glory of our great God together!

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