Finish Well

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May 06, 2018 | Jeff Simmons


How many projects have you started, having no idea how you were going to finish? And how many of those projects did you abandon halfway through? 

There’s a reason for that! 

Not having the end goal in mind makes it much harder to finish.

Yesterday, we started our new series, Finish Well, based on the book 2 Timothy and Paul’s final instructions at the end of his life. If anyone in history could claim to have finished well, it would be Paul, a man who put everything on the line for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Through Paul’s challenge in 2 Timothy 1, we’re reminded how the spirit of God can take away our fear while granting us power, love and self-discipline in the process. Paul also speaks to Timothy of the importance of living boldly for Jesus and how we should never feel ashamed to share the Gospel. 

No matter where you are in the race of life, if becoming like Jesus is your end goal, you’re more likely to reach your full potential and finish well.


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