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Our days are full of conversation. Some of these conversations are with strangers and close friends, in coffee shops or at work, over a meal or on the phone. Some conversations are fleeting, passing by in a moment, whereas others hold weight. Words matter. Conversations matter, and they hold the potential to change a whole day, or, in some cases, a life. In this series, Jesus: Life-Changing Conversations, we'll be exploring at some of the important conversations were that Jesus had – with His disciples, with the men and women He encountered, with the leaders of His time, with the churched. Each of these conversations were intentional, crucial, and life-changing. As we look at these important conversations, you'll be challenged to see how these conversations that Jesus had centuries ago can still impact our lives today. His words hold weight and hold the potential to change our lives – to even change eternities. Though we may not be speaking to Jesus in the same way that these individuals did then, we still hear from Jesus today in a still small voice, a voice that speaks louder than any other. Will you listen to His voice?

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