The Greatest Adventure

Part 3: Miracles Happen

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Our God is a God of miracles. There are times when God breaks into our natural world with the supernatural. God is Sovereign over all creation and over your life. Even when a situation seems hopeless, don’t forget about God! Our God is able. God always fights for His people. What prayers are you praying that only God can do? Pray bold prayers. God longs to do miracles in your life. Trust Him and watch Him do great things in your life and in those around you for His glory. You need only to ask, be bold and be still. God loves you.

A God of Miracles 

When people think of miracles, sometimes they think of magicians or make-believe. It’s easier to have something that you can explain versus believing in something that has no logical explanation. We want to have a conclusion, a reasoning, and something to point to that makes it simple and rational.

If we say we believe what the Bible says, however, we must understand that the miracles that our God does don’t have logical, rational explanations. Miracles are ways that God moves that don’t have an earthly, scientific logic. They are incredible and supernatural – and typically, they are evidence of His glory, might, and provision for His people. 

His people in Egypt saw time and time again so much evidence that He was moving and that He was providing for them. They saw everything from a staff turning to a snake, water becoming blood, the appearance of countless frogs, gnats, flies, and locust, plagues of skin boils, the death of livestock, and hail – many, many miracles that God caused to happen, so that His people would be freed from captivity. Miracles that were proof that He was who He said He was, and He would not let His people down. 

What the Bible Says about Miracles in the Life of Moses

Though miracles can be extremely difficult to wrap our minds around, when the stories of God’s miracles for His people in Israel begin, we read in Exodus why God causes these miracles: And the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord when I stretch out My hand against Egypt and bring the Israelites out of it (Exodus 7:5). First, God wanted every person in that area and those who would hear about what happened to know that He was God. Secondly, He wanted to use the miracles to save His people from the hand of the Egyptians. His miracles had purpose, and they were used to further the Kingdom and write His story.

The Israelites in Egypt were held captive for so long that they were beginning to wonder how God was going to save them. They trusted that God would provide a way, and they had faith; however, on top of that, they prayed fervently for God to deliver them. In turn, even the magicians that Pharaoh called to save them from the plagues knew that it was God who was causing these things to happen (Exodus 8:18-19). 

God used these miracles to glorify His own name, to show the Egyptians who He was, and to bring deliverance to His people. The only place it did not hail was the land of Goshen, where the Israelites were (Exodus 9:26). Even in the midst of the hail, death, and destruction, God provided and protected His people.

Do you believe that God is for you?

Our God is a God of miracles – and He has the power to provide for us in whatever circumstance we’re facing. He did so with the Israelites thousands of years ago, and He will do the same for us today. Nothing is too hopeless for Him. There isn’t anything that’s too far gone or lost forever. 

Hear this today: God is for you. God is fighting on your behalf. God will not and CAN not let you down.

Are you praying for Him to do a miracle in your life today? What are you praying for that only He can do? God is willing and able to do miraculous things in your life, and He is sovereign to do things that only He can do. Pray, trust, and watch for God to do great things for you and for His glory. 

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