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Part 5: The Call to Holiness in the Church

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Times of unrest and hardship can cause us fear, but what we do with that fear makes all the difference. When we “fear” the Lord by revering His sovereignty, power, and holiness, our anxious fear of the unknown shrinks into its proper place. When our fear leads us to being a follower of Christ we enter the community of the church and find ourselves part of an eternal family that is dear to the heart of God. Today I thank God that we have a Savior, Jesus; We have a home, His Church.


What do we learn about the heart of God for the Church?

  • Those in need are dear to Him.
  • Trustworthiness within the Church is one of His top priorities.
  • He prizes generosity and authenticity.
  • An unhindered relationship with the Holy Spirit is of immeasurable value.

Your part in the community of the local church is vital to the heart of God. 

The fear of the Lord isn’t meant to make you afraid but to make you a follower.

The greatest gift you can give others right now is to teach and proclaim the Good News that Jesus is our Savior.

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