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In this season and time that we’re in, there are many different voices. Voices of contradicting opinions, of uncertainty and fear, and of dissension and difference. Now is the time, a new beginning, for us to come together with One Voice. As the body of believers at Rolling Hills and as the Church at large, we have a common ground in our faith in Christ. It’s time for us to share a voice that reaches out with a heart of love and change, that ministers to the lost, that is driven by excellence, prayer, and joy, and that moves forward in unity. In this series, we will look at the importance of the Church in the time we’re living in and what our role is as Christ-followers within the Church. We’ll also focus in on our Mission and Vision Statements as Rolling Hills, coupled with an emphasis on each one of our Core Values. Above all, we want to come together as a body of Christ, rooted in the same mission, vision, and values, to forge ahead, even in the unknown, with One Voice. We are the Church, and now is the time.

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