Forged: Refined by Fire

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Jun 03, 2018 | Jason Hale

When God Gives You a Dream

Dreams are crazy.

Think about it — your subconscious keeps working when you’re sleeping, revealing your true thoughts and feelings, but in bizarre ways that rarely make sense on the surface. You could be riding on a roller coaster or being chased by spiders or even flying (or worse, falling). It’s nuts!

And yet God still speaks to us, even through our dreams. Maybe it’s because one of the only times we actually stop to listen is when we’re asleep.

This week, take a minute to think about what God has been trying to say to you — whether through your dreams, through His Word or through the advice of friends and family.

Is God leading you toward a new goal? A new career? A new ministry?

Whatever it is, it might seem scary and overwhelming. But just remember that when God is guiding, you can always trust that He will take care of the details.

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