The RHCC Staff team at Franklin is made of some amazing people who love the Lord, love to serve, and love to use the gifts and talents God has given them for Rolling Hills Community Church. 

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Alex Welgraven

Alex Welgraven

Video Directoroffice: 615.861.3663x134

If there’s one person on our staff who knows how to tell an incredible story, it’s Alex Welgraven – and he tells it through a camera lens! When Alex graduated college, he took a job as a videographer at a local church, mostly because he simply needed a job. Almost immediately, however, he fell in love with the culture and work of ministry, and he’s been involved ever since. Alex came on staff with Rolling Hills in 2021, and he loves that he gets to continue his passion of storytelling and videography as his career. His favorite part of his role is getting the opportunity to share stories of life-change within the church.

When he’s not doing videography and photography for work, he likes doing videography and photography as a hobby! He loves making travel videos, hiking, and watching TV and movies with his wife, Julie. Alex has been overseas a handful of times, but his first trip out of the country was to Iceland, where he and Julie spent 11 days traveling around the island. He says that it was an incredible experience and very quickly became his favorite place he’s ever visited. Alex also became a dad in 2021, and he loves learning more about fatherhood and raising his son, James.