The RHCC Staff team at Franklin is made of some amazing people who love the Lord, love to serve, and love to use the gifts and talents God has given them for Rolling Hills Community Church. 

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Taelor Suris

Taelor Suris

Technical Assistantoffice: 615.861.3663

Taelor Suris joined our staff team late in 2021, and we’re so thankful to have him here. Taelor worked in the church for the past seven years. He started at a church in Miami, Florida, as a piano player for the worship team, which then became him leading worship for the student and young adult ministries. After that role, he moved into production as the Technical Director, which sparked a passion within him. Now, in his role here, he loves playing a supportive role to many ministries and working with so many talented and gifted people that share a passion for Christ.

Taelor loves music so much! So, in his free time, you can find him listening, playing, or even recording music. Want to know something super interesting about Taelor? He’s a twin – and his twin is actually on staff, too! Tristan and Taelor are fraternal twins, and we’re so thankful that their gifts and talents brought them to Rolling Hills.