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Thank you so much for joining us for Versus Men's Conference! We hope that you'll take a next step towards growing in your relationship with Jesus and with others because of what you learned at Versus.

Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” First, we want to share our Versus curriculum with you. Our prayer is that this Versus curriculum will serve as a five-week journey of you being sharpened by God’s Word and your small group of men who are embarking on this journey with you. Each week’s curriculum consists of a short video, from men just like you, who are meeting together and talking through key issues men face, a brief written study guide with supporting Scripture that dives deeper into the weeks topic, discussion questions that you can talk through when you meet, and a Bible reading plan to walk through each day. We’ve designed the curriculum as a mobile-friendly interactive PDF to make it easy to access the content whenever and wherever you are. Everyone in your group should have the curriculum, watch the videos, and read the questions before each meeting.

Secondly, if you don’t already have a group of men and want us to help pair you with other guys to meet with over these five weeks, fill out this form, and we'll get you placed in a group close to where you live – or even an online group.

We also want to encourage you to find a church to get involved in. We're providing you with a list of churches in our area that you can attend and grow in your faith. Being a part of a local church body is key to taking a next step in your walk with Christ.

Lastly, check out Men's Leadership Network, which exists to help men lead well at home, at our workplaces, and in our communities for Christ. MLN is a resource for men who are seeking spiritual leadership principles, so that they live and lead differently in all aspects of their lives. We encourage you to visit our website, follow our social media accounts, listen to past episodes of our MLN podcast, and subscribe to our weekly email.

Men, congratulations! By simply being here and taking this next step in your walk with Christ, you’re making an investment in yourself, your family, your workplace, and your community. We all have battles to fight and these next five weeks will be challenging and rewarding. Just remember we’re in this battle together. Don’t Go Alone.

FIND A GROUP VERSUS BIBLE STUDY Churches  Men's Leadership Network