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Part 9: LegacyPart 9: Legacy - FRC

Jeff Simmons

August 1, 2021

This summer we have been on an amazing journey with the children of Israel as God brought them out of slavery and led them to the Promised Land. In our own lives, we are on an amazing journey with the Lord as well. God has freed us from being slaves to sin, and He is leading us to our forever home in heaven. What are we doing with this life we have been given? Are we following Jesus and blessing others or simply living for ourselves? We are all leaving a legacy; the question is this: what kind of legacy will you leave? Will you live your life for the glory of God and help those who come behind you to know Him better? Let’s leave a legacy for Jesus!


Be Encouraged
Pastor Khem's Story

Abandoned as a child, lost and alone in the country of Cambodia, Khem Sam experienced the effects of our fallen and broken world from a young age. Despite the challenges he faced, whether that was his incredibly difficult childhood, his traumatic escape from Cambodia during the Cambodian Genocide, or his journey with his family to the United States, Khem Sam knew and believed that God had a plan and a purpose for his life. And he trusted in faith that God was calling him to a life dedicated in service to Him. Hear from Khem Sam and his daughter, Anna, about how God used him and called him for a purpose – a purpose that would impact generations and eternities to come.

Steven's Story

As a professional baseball player, a husband, and a father, Steven Wright was faced with a decision to follow after Christ and trust Him to change his life from the inside out. Steven’s story shows us that God is in the business of life-change, even in the hardest, most trying times of disappointment and mistakes. God will provide. God will come through. God will pursue and love you, always. And it starts with the question: who is Jesus to you?

Rossana's Story

Sometimes, though we may not understand, God allows difficulties and struggles – but He always has a purpose for them. Rossana's story is one of an eternal perspective, hope found in Christ, and trust in God regardless of the outcome of a circumstance. Hear her story today.

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