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For the Kingdom

Commitment to God First

Jeff Simmons

October 14, 2018

Some people are book-smart and made straight A’s from the womb through med school. Others are street-smart — these are the people who can easily (and annoyingly) navigate through cities they’ve never been to and situations they’ve never been in. But wisdom is different. True wisdom isn’t about intelligence or instincts. And it can’t be found in a textbook or from life experience. True wisdom comes from God alone. Join us as we continue our series, For the Kingdom. Learn how King Solomon became the wisest person who ever lived and discover how God grants us wisdom when we first commit ourselves to Him.


Be Encouraged
Ilie's Story

Watch Ilie share his life story, from growing up with an abusive father, to living in an orphanage, and then being saved by Christ and working with Justice and Mercy International.

Dianne's Baptism Story

This is Dianne's baptism story. Watch her tell her story of the moment she gave her life to Christ.

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