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Be Holy: Confronting Sin

Be Holy: Confronting Sin // GreedBe Holy: Confronting Sin // Greed // FRC + OLC

Mike Minter

May 26, 2024

When it comes to greed, we are quick to forget how cunning and sly greed can be. Greed isn’t always overt. Sometimes it is, but other times, much more subtle. We can even camouflage greed and call it a necessity. Every other person has this, so I need it. Every other family goes there, so we need to go there. Every other kid has this, so my child must need this. It doesn’t sound wrong, but it can be an attitude or a comparison the Lord just doesn’t want us to make, and it is most often driven by a need for more. We even think it is right and worth it and what is best. When was the last time you evaluated the return on investment, on the greedy choices you made? What you will find is the ROI is never what you think it will be! Instead of being happier, you are less content. Instead of being pleased with your new gadgets, you want yet another one. Greed always leaves us wanting more! Seek to be content this week. Seek to be a blessing to others. Thank God for all He has lavished on you, and yearn to be an active participant in all He wants to do in and through you in the world.


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