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Anxious for Nothing

He Makes Me Lie Down in Green Pastures

Jeff Simmons

September 15, 2019

God is at work in your life. God is inviting you into a relationship with Him. Jesus is our Good Shepherd, and He calls you by name. Will you respond to His grace, mercy, and love today? When you are one of His sheep, He promises to take care of you. Anxiety, worry, and fear come when we take our eyes off Jesus and focus on our problems. You stare at a problem long enough, it grows; you stare at Jesus long enough and peace comes. Allow God to lead you, and trust His plans for your life. Will you follow Jesus and find the peace you are looking for today?


Be Encouraged
Styblo Family Story

David and Patrick Styblo share their story of becoming a family and the legacy that David is creating for Patrick.

Jason Gottwals Story

Jason shares how his life of alcoholism was changed forever when he had a moment of repentance on the side of the road.

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