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Part 3: Reaching OutPart 3: Reaching Out - FRC

Jeff Simmons

January 17, 2021

Jesus calls every disciple to share our faith with others. For many Christians this is a struggle. We feel uncomfortable sharing our faith or we don’t know what to say, so many times we just don’t say or do anything. Yet, our world desperately needs Jesus! Everyone needs the hope and help of Jesus. Fact is, someone shared Jesus with us, and we are forever grateful. Now it is our time to reach out to others with the love of Jesus. This is actually an area where we can make an incredible difference for the glory of our great God. Let’s be obedient to Jesus and reach out when He prompts our heart. Together, we can see God change the world!


Be Encouraged
Luke's Story | Impacting the Next Generation for Christ

I love the game of basketball, and to have the opportunity to ask these guys to come play this game we both love at the church. I have the opportunity to then ask if I can share with them about this. It shows you that God can work with whatever skillset you have.

Koon Marriage Story

When we each have focused on our relationship with God, it’s allowed us to not only improve our marriage but to have Him be the center and to work through life together with a Christ-like focus… It’s a lot of work, but it is more than worth it.

Don & Cynthia's Story

"We need to recognize the potential relationships with the people in our community." Listen to Don and Cynthia's story of how they have lived their lives on mission where God called them.

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