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Part 4: MissionPart 4: Mission - FRC

Jacob Scrimpshire

July 5, 2020

The habitual practices in our life are either distorting or clarifying our created purpose. Spiritual practices clarify that purpose for us. God has called us ALL into an intentional missional purpose that starts on our street and flows to the ends of the earth. There are people that need to see you live the gospel and hear you explain the gospel all around us. They are in your life for a reason. Will you answer the call?


Be Encouraged
Don & Cynthia's Story

"We need to recognize the potential relationships with the people in our community." Listen to Don and Cynthia's story of how they have lived their lives on mission where God called them.

Racial Reconciliation & The Church's Role

“We have to listen, we have to speak out, we have to love.” One of our very own worship leaders, George Mhondera, sat down with Pastor Jeff to give us a chance to hear about his personal experience with racism, injustice, and the ways we, as the church, must step up.

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