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Part 7: Legacy: The Impact of JoshuaPart 7: Legacy: The Impact of Joshua - FRC

Jeff Simmons

November 22, 2020

This has been a crazy year, yet our God is faithful. Think about all the ways He has provided for you this year. Thanksgiving should be more than one day a year. We are called to be thankful everyday of our life. Being thankful changes our mindset and attitude. Therefore, let’s start each day being thankful to our great God. What a difference Thanksgiving makes in each of us. We all have so much for which to be thankful - mainly Jesus, and our hope and eternal life in Him.


Be Encouraged
Luke's Story | Impacting the Next Generation for Christ

I love the game of basketball, and to have the opportunity to ask these guys to come play this game we both love at the church. I have the opportunity to then ask if I can share with them about this. It shows you that God can work with whatever skillset you have.

Koon Marriage Story

When we each have focused on our relationship with God, it’s allowed us to not only improve our marriage but to have Him be the center and to work through life together with a Christ-like focus… It’s a lot of work, but it is more than worth it.

Don & Cynthia's Story

"We need to recognize the potential relationships with the people in our community." Listen to Don and Cynthia's story of how they have lived their lives on mission where God called them.

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