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Easter: The Jesus Way

Part 4: Jesus’ MissionPart 4: Jesus’ Mission - FRC

Jeff Simmons

March 26, 2023

Jesus lived His life on mission. Jesus did the will of the Father and brought redemption to all of us. What is the mission of your life? We must choose between the world’s way or the Jesus Way. The world’s way is living for ourselves – our own dreams, money, success, and power. But, the Jesus Way is to live our lives for God and His will. The world and its desires pass away, but the one who follows the Jesus Way lives forever. Trust Jesus and follow Him today.


Be Encouraged
The Pastor's Conference | Scott & Kathy Koon

From reconnecting with a couple they met a year ago, to sharing powerful moments of prayer and reflection, the Koons had a physically exhausting but spiritually renewing week visiting with this incredible community of bold Christ-followers.

The St. Cyr's Story

When God opens a door, we have a choice: either walk through it or go our own way. We all have a choice – what are you going to choose?

Diego Fua's Story

Diego Fua has been a partner at Rolling Hills since Alara Farms… in 2002! After he graduated college, he was invited by coworker Angie Atema to Thursday Night Bible study at Alara Farms Clubhouse. He remembers Pastor Jeff preaching that Christianity is not about religion but a relationship with Jesus. 


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