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Jesus: The Way. The Truth. The Life

The Life

Jeff Simmons

April 14, 2019

Jesus being the Life is such good news for us! When we were dead in our sins, Jesus comes to pay the price for us. He has to grace and the power to raise us from the dead and to give us eternal life with HIm. This Palm Sunday may we worship our Savior. May we be thankful for all we have in Christ and prepare our hearts for this Holy Week. Jesus comes into Jerusalem to conquer death and to give us eternal life. All glory be to our Christ Jesus, our Savior and Lord!


Be Encouraged
Sarah and Kristen

Sarah and Kristen share how their friendship developed, and how a simple invite to church changed Kristen’s out look on life.

Abigail's Baptism Story

Abigail shares her story of giving up control over her life and committing it to God through baptism.

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