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Celebrating God's Goodness

Celebrating God's Goodness | Series Intro

October 20, 2021

There is a time for everything, as God's Word says. There are times to mourn, to learn, to rest, to laugh, to grieve. In this past season, it may have felt like there were more times for harder things than there were times for celebration. We, as a community, as a nation, and as a world, have faced many trying things in the past 18 months. We've had to walk through the unknown and the unforeseen.


Be Encouraged
Dealing with Stress | An Interview with Amy Alexander

Stress is everywhere. We all have had to face many things that we’ve never experienced before, and that’s taken its toll on our mental health. But, there is hope – and there are ways that we can get help. Hear from Amy Alexander, the Executive Director of the Refuge Center for Counseling, today.

Officer Collins's Story

"I hope that people are blessed with what they see in me... that they can see the goodness of God in me."

Mia Campbell's Story

Community is instrumental for a follower of Christ, and Mia Campbell learned that from a very young age. Now more than ever, as she heads into college, she’s found that to be true. Adopted into a large family, Mia met Christ at a young age and was plugged into Preschool and Kids Ministry immediately. It wasn’t until high school, however, that her faith truly became real and more of a relationship for her. Through battling anxiety, difficult friendships, and struggles with self-worth, Mia clung to the Lord and the leaders and friends she met through the Middle School and High School Ministries at Rolling Hills. Hear Mia’s story today.

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