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Come What May


T. Alan Lusk

February 10, 2019

Are you good at following through? How many times have you thought, “I’m going to start exercising” or “I’m going to read my Bible more regularly?” Most of us are pretty good at setting goals. But how many of us actually follow through with those goals? It’s one thing to make a declaration (“I’m going to have a quiet time every day!”), but it’s a whole other thing to meet that declaration with action. Join us as we continue our series on the book of Ruth, and discover how God rewarded Ruth once she took action.


Be Encouraged
Ilie's Story

Watch Ilie share his life story, from growing up with an abusive father, to living in an orphanage, and then being saved by Christ and working with Justice and Mercy International.

Dianne's Baptism Story

This is Dianne's baptism story. Watch her tell her story of the moment she gave her life to Christ.

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