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Easter: Eyes on Jesus

Part 5: John, A Best Friend's PerspectivePart 5: John, A Best Friend's Perspective - FRC

Jeff Simmons

April 5, 2020

John was faithful. John was with Jesus in the good times, like Palm Sunday, and in the tough times, like the cross. While the other disciples scattered, John stayed. When the Resurrection came, John “saw and believed.” Jesus changed John from fear and anger to confidence and love. May we be people who are faithful. Faithful to Jesus all of our life. Through the good times and the struggles, may we be faithful to God, to our family and to His Church. Are you faithful? Are you growing in your confidence and love because of Jesus? May we be faithful.


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Shower Up Ministry Support Story

Jacob Scrimpshire asks Paul Schmitz, Co-founder and Executive Director of Shower Up, about what Shower Up's ministry is and how they are helping and serving the homeless community of Nashville and sharing God's love with them.

The Bridge Ministry Support Story

Jacob Scrimpshire asks Jennifer Ranson, the Chief Operating Officer of Bridge Ministries, about what Brigde Ministries' mission is and how they are still serving during this rough time.

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Story

Marcus Campbell from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church shares the story about how his church was destroyed by the tornado except for the sanctuary. He talks about how the church decided to start taking donations for those who were affected by the tornado, and how amazed he was by the generous giving of the community.

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