Next Steps


Outward Sign of An Inward Change

Own Your Faith

At Rolling Hills, we believe baptism is one of your first steps of public obedience to Christ. Baptism by immersion symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ and your personal belief in Him. It is not required for salvation through Christ but is an outward symbol of what God has done in your life, heart, and spirit. 

If you are interested in being baptized, we invite you to take our baptism class and sign up to proclaim your decision to follow Christ. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you. If you would like to learn more check out our Statement on Baptism and contact Campus Pastor, Jason Hale


Join Our Family

Partner With Us

At Rolling Hills, we believe that God has called us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. That is why we invite you to be a part of our church body. We call our church members, partners. It is a better interpretation of how we work together to BE the church.

If you are interested in becoming a partner we invite you to take our partnership class and sign up to join Rolling Hills. We pray you will feel God's leading to partner with us and, in the process, find yourself a part of something so much bigger than just Rolling Hills - God's Church in the world today!

Community Groups

Connect with others

Join A Group

At Rolling Hills, we believe life is meant to be lived together. There is something powerful about coming alongside each other in time of joy and sorrow and supporting each other. This is why Community Groups exist. 

Community Groups are a fun way to enjoy spending time with your church family outside of church. You will meet at various times throughout the week and engage in meaningful conversation, Bible study and often share some tasty treats. Interested?

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Worship One, Serve One

Servant Leadership

At Rolling Hills, we believe God calls us to have the heart of a servant. Serving is something that is woven into the fabric of who we are. We encourage everyone to be involved in our Worship One, Serve One opportunity. 

Worship One, Serve One provides us with the opportunity to participate in one service hour and serve during the other service hour. There are many areas of ministry in which you can volunteer your time and experience the richness of being a servant leader. Check out our opportunities to worship and serve together. 

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Partner with us

Reach The World

At Rolling Hills, we believe outreach is one of the most important steps of discipleship.Missions are foundational to the character and calling of Rolling Hills. Our heart is to reach and serve the least, the last and the lost in our community, our country and throughout the world.

We have a variety of opportunities for you to step out and minister to a world in need. Want to discover more? Check out Justice and Mercy International, our Missions opportunities, or contact Discipleship Pastor, Jacob Scrimpshire.

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Invest Where You Are

Give All

At Rolling Hills, we believe in biblical tithing- giving back the first 10% of our income as a gift to God. As a church, we understand the importance of being good stewards of these resources and commit to using them to share the Gospel and impact others in an incredibly meaningful way. Giving back a portion of what God has entrusted to us is an honor and act of worship. 

You can give in person during our service, or through our giving page, or through our mobile app via the "give" button.