Christmas: Love Came Down

Part 2: Peace

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Today, at this moment in time we desperately need to meditate on the truth found in these verses that retell the story of Christ coming to earth. Because it is a story of peace, a story of peace being restored to people broken by sin. We need the peace that comes with the reminder that God has a plan and at just the right time He sent His son to earth, to put on flesh and be present with us. We need to be reminded that God sent His son to provide the peace that only He had the power to provide. We need to be reminded that peace comes when we submit our lives to the Prince of Peace and His purpose for us.


Peace Found in All Circumstances

Most, if not all, of us like to know what’s coming around the corner. We prefer to have a plan for our lives and for every aspect of our lives to go according to that plan. Unfortunately for those of us who do make plans and put our hope in those plans, oftentimes, actually most of the time, our lives don’t follow those plans. Unexpected disappointments, surprise announcements, loss, or change throw a wrench into the plans we’ve so carefully laid for our lives, and we are either left wondering, fearful, or forced to pivot.

Mary found out that she was going to be having a child when she was a virgin and unmarried when she was in her early teenage years. When she learned of what was going to happen in her life, it’s likely that she felt some of those feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and fear. This wasn’t a part of the plan she had for her life. She was planning on getting married to Joseph. She wasn’t planning on having a child now. 

Despite the interruption in her plans and the major, life-altering change in her life, Mary had peace. She didn’t have peace because her life was easy or because it was all that she had expected. No, she had peace because she trusted God. She believed that, even in her uncertainty and fear of what was to come, God had a purpose for her. It was God’s good grace that blessed her to bear the Son of God, and she knew with certainty that He would provide for her, that He was all-powerful, and that He would take care of all things.

True peace came from Mary trusting in the goodness of the God she served.

What the Bible Says about Peace

In this first chapter of Luke, we read of the angel Gabriel coming to Mary and foretelling the birth of Jesus. Gabriel appears and shares the news that Mary will conceive Jesus, the Son of God, by the Holy Spirit. He tells her not to fear – for she had found favor with God. Mary’s initial response shows that she was likely very afraid of this angel that had shown up and shared this miraculous, incredible news with her. 

However, in verse 38, we read Mary’s final response to Gabriel after he explains how this conception and amazing event will take place. She says, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Mary’s thoughtful response shows that she trusted the Lord. In spite of the uncertainty of this shocking announcement, she submitted to the Lord’s plan and rested in the surety of His provision.

This interaction that took place between the angel Gabriel and Mary was a part of the fulfillment of the prophecy in Isaiah: For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called…Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6) Not only did Mary experience true Peace herself, but she would also eventually deliver the Prince of Peace into this world. 

Because of Mary’s submission to God’s plan, we can have peace in our own lives. We can experience the peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7) and truly understand what it means to cling to peace even when we don’t understand the circumstances of today. This story is one of wonder, and it’s one that we should reflect upon each day, not just at Christmas time. This story is what changed the course of history and fulfilled God’s promises from Genesis to Revelation.

Do you have peace in your life today?

In a world where anxiety and busyness is running rampant, peace can be difficult to come by. However, Jesus is the reason that we can have peace. We can have peace because we trust that God is working all things for our good. We can have peace because we know with absolute certainty that God loves and provides for His children. 

Do you have peace in your life today? Or do you struggle to let go of fears, worries, and anxiety? God wants us to have peace each day. He wants us to live in freedom from fear, so that we can live holding onto the hope of our Savior. Like Mary, even when we don’t know what the future holds or when our plans change drastically, we can choose to submit to God’s plan for our lives and rest in the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace alone.

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