Everyday Armor

Part 4: Our Secret Weapon - NOC
Part 4: Our Secret WeaponPart 4: Our Secret Weapon - NOC

Feb 28, 2021


Oswald Chambers notably said, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.” It is so common to look at the projects that are ahead or the challenges you may face and think, “I need to pray about those things so I can be prepared for those things.” The inherent problem with this line of thinking is that I am still acting like I am in charge because I think my preparation or my knowledge is what will allow me to get through whatever problem I may face. As we are reminded in the book of Ephesians however, prayer is a necessary part of the armor to keep myself protected from the attacks that will assuredly come! Instead of coming up with plans and asking God to bless and work through those plans, how about we start from a place of prayer today and then suit up in the everyday armor and allow Jesus to set our course of action.

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