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For the past 20 years of Rolling Hills, we have seen God do more than we could ever imagine. Countless lives, some of whom are sitting right here in this room or who are watching online, have been impacted for eternity. Many have professed their faith through baptism, adults and children have grown in their faith through discipleship, campuses have been launched in communities all throughout Middle Tennessee, and the vulnerable and the least have been served throughout the world. 

God has shown up, time and time again, and now, we faithfully look ahead to what is NEXT for His Church, knowing that it’s not about us and our future, but about God and His perfect plan. Next Sunday, September 24, we are launching a brand-new series called NEXT: The Best Is Yet to Come. Church family, this is going to be a special series and season we’re entering into, and next Sunday will be one that you do not want to miss. 

Our prayer is that this will be a season that we look back on and see as one where God grew and stretched His people in ways He never has before. We’re believing we will see restored relationships, miracles happen right before our eyes, radical salvations, and prodigals returning home. We’re believing for all of this and more. May He find us faithful as we step forward, trusting that the best truly is yet to come. We love being on this journey with you, Rolling Hills!

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NEXT | The Impact of Nehemiah | NAC
NEXT | The Impact of NehemiahNEXT | The Impact of Nehemiah | NAC

Nov 12, 2023


Today is our Commitment Sunday! Today is exactly 52 days since we started our NEXT Campaign as a church. Nehemiah and the people rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days, and just imagine what God will do through us as we have prayed, sacrificed, and now give together. The people back then set the stage for Jesus’ first coming, and we are building His church and setting the stage for our Savior’s second coming. Today is a special day! May our God find us faithful as we invest in The NEXT 20 Years, The NEXT Generation, The NEXT Ministry, The NEXT Mission, and The NEXT One. Come, Lord Jesus, and find us faithful!

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