Stories of Thanksgiving // 2023

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As we gather on this special Sunday, we are reminded of the multitude of reasons we have to be grateful. In a world where it's easy to focus on what we lack, Stories of Thanksgiving invites you to shift your perspective. It encourages you to see the world through the lens of thankfulness, to appreciate God's gifts in every moment, big or small.

We believe that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles, and the stories of God's faithfulness in the lives of several members of our church family will show you how they cultivated such a heart. Through what they have walked through, they've learned to appreciate God's gifts, understand how gratitude can change your life, and experience the peace and joy that come from being thankful.

As we tell God's stories of thanksgiving in our own lives, let's embrace a spirit of gratitude and explore how giving thanks can deepen your faith and bring you closer to God. Let's celebrate together the endless blessings God has given us, for "Every good and perfect gift is from above..." (James 1:17).

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Stories of Thanksgiving 2023 | NAC
Stories of Thanksgiving | 2023Stories of Thanksgiving 2023 | NAC

Nov 19, 2023


We all have so much for which to be thankful. Just think about it. Seriously! In the midst of all the family, food, and football, take some time this week to truly be thankful. Regardless of your circumstances, gratitude is a matter of the heart. We can all be thankful for salvation we have in Christ. We are loved – you are loved. Thank God for His Gift of Grace in His Son, Jesus, and the blessings He lavishes on us with family, church, friends, and so much more. May we always be a “Thanksgiving” people because of Jesus!

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