Amy Stoianowski's Baptism

Nov 21, 2021

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Amy Stoianowski grew up going to the Catholic Church, and in her twenties, she was married in the church, and she and her husband attended the church together. After a few years, Amy realized that she was unhappy with many things in her life, and found herself wondering how this was all that life could be. She was unhappy, and she felt alone. Though she feared getting a divorce because of the rejection from the Catholic Church, she chose to do so, and she stepped away from the church.

Fast forward a few years, Amy moved and met her now-husband, and they had their two daughters, Carly and Aubrey. Amy stopped going to church all together at this point, but when it came time for her to send her daughters to day care, they chose a Christian day care. Their girls were hearing about Jesus, and Amy, too, began hearing about Jesus from a coworker. They decided to go to church with this coworker, and Amy and her family's life was transformed. After some time, her whole family chose to follow Jesus, and their lives were forever changed by His work in their hearts and lives. 

Eventually, a job opportunity brought them to Nashville, and they found Rolling Hills through Officer Collins, better known as the "Dancing Police Officer." His joy grabbed their attention, so they tried out the church and ended up loving it. When Carly, Amy's oldest, began asking questions about baptism, Carly, too, felt challenged and pushed by God to be baptized as well. So, that's what she did! Amy was baptized herself on November 21, 2021, then she turned around and baptized her daughter. Praise God for this family's faithfulness and God's faithfulness in their lives!

"When I think back to my 20's when I was asking myself, 'Is this all there is?' I've learned the answer is no! There is Jesus, and He loves me no matter what! The no matter what part took me years to accept. This is a broken world, and I have sinned, but Jesus came to save me so I don't have to live in regret and shame. I want to live for the future and what God can do with me to further His kingdom. The worship songs which I once didn't know are my favorite genre of music. When I'm in my car or working at my computer, you can count that I'm listening to The Message or my worship playlists on Spotify. Every morning I read my daily step, and every night we do family prayers. I have so much to learn, but I know God is calling me to take a step of faith and be baptized... When I became a mom, I knew I had to refocus and make Jesus and church a priority in our family. I am so grateful for all Rolling Hills has brought our family and would feel so blessed to be baptized."