The RHCC Staff team at Franklin is made of some amazing people who love the Lord, love to serve, and love to use the gifts and talents God has given them for Rolling Hills Community Church. 

Meet the staff teams from our regional campuses: Nolensville  NASHVILLE COLUMBIA

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Executive Team

Jeff Simmons

Founder & Senior Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Eric Rojas

Executive Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Jennifer Milligan

Executive Assistant to Senior Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Jess Jordan

Executive Assistant & HR Administrator

Discipleship Team

Jacob Scrimpshire

Discipleship Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Brandon Billups

College & Young Adults Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Miranda Kokes

Women's Directoroffice: 615.861.3663

John Simons

Men's & Sports Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Ashley Fox

Discipleship and Missions Associateoffice: 615.861.3663

Care & Connect Team

Laura Chapman

Care & Connections Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Sarah Hunter

Connections Associateoffice: 615.861.3663

Kathy Koon

Counseling Directoroffice: 615.861.3663

Mike Minter

Associate Teaching Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Dawn Sheets

Office Manager & Receptionistoffice: 615.861.3663

Family Ministry

Chase Baker

Family Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Courtney Napier

Learning Center Directoroffice: 615.861.3663

Anna Townsend

Preschool Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Kenley Teige

Kids Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Jenn Hendrich

Middle School Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Laura Grass

Family Ministry Communications Specialistoffice: 615.861.3663

Becky Kelley

Preschool Associateoffice: 615.861.3663

Amy Couch

Kids Associateoffice: 615.861.3663

Sarah Fehl

Family Pastor Administrator / High School Associateoffice: 615.861.3663

John Jedneak

High School Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Allyson Scott

Kids Associate

Ethan Fossett

Middle School Associateoffice: 615.861.3663

K Duhaime

Students Administratoroffice: 615.861.3663

Worship and Technical Arts

Leo Ahlstrom

Worship Arts Pastoroffice: 615.861.3663

Jennifer Akers

Associate Worship Pastor office: 615.861.3663

Shaun Miller

Central Production Directoroffice: 615.861.3663

Matt Bligh

Technical Assistantmobile: 615.861.3663

David Knight

IT Directoroffice: 615.861.3663

Stacy Brewer

Creative Arts Directoroffice: 615.861.3663

Finance and Administration

Mike White

Chief Financial Officer

Abby Osburn

Learning Center Accountantoffice: 615.861.3663

Carol Pelton

Financial Assistantoffice: 615.861.3663

Tiffany Tabor

Columbia Office Administrator & Special Events Associateoffice: 615.861.3663

Marty Coleman

Facilities Supervisoroffice: 615.861.3663

Tristan Suris

Facilities Assistant Supervisoroffice: 615.861.3663

Matt Melton

Facilities Assistantoffice: 615.861.3663

Daniel Wilson

Facilities Assistantoffice: 615.861.3663


Chloe Haddad

Digital Engagement Directoroffice: 615.861.3663

Alex Welgraven

Video Directoroffice: 615.861.3663x134

Kyndal Kearns

Creative Project Manager / Worship Leaderoffice: 615.861.3663

Ryan Hurst

Video & Photo Associateoffice: 615.861.3663

Derek Brown

Marketing & Communications Directoroffice: 615.861.3663

Leadership Pipeline

Matthew Meyer

Ministry Resident | Communications

Ashley Morgan

Ministry Resident | Columbia Campus Kids Ministryoffice: 615.861.3663

Joel Dethose

Semester Intern | Worship Artsoffice: 615.861.3663

Leah Strickland

Semester Intern | Studentsoffice: 615.861.3663

Bryan Kratoska

Ministry Resident | Worship Artsoffice: 615.861.3663

Gabe Tummins

Semester Intern | Productionoffice: 615.861.3663

Sutton Magee

Ministry Resident | Communications & Men's Ministryoffice: 615.861.3663

Carson Koon

Semester Intern | High School Ministryoffice: 615.861.3663

Aimee Frias

Semester Intern | High School Ministry

Grace Newman

Semester Intern | Missionsoffice: 615.861.3663

Katie Milligan

Ministry Resident | Communicationsoffice: 615.861.3663

Jaana Woodbury

Semester Intern | Women's Ministryoffice: 615.861.3663

Olivia Potter

Semester Intern | Kids Ministryoffice: 615.861.3663