Brian's Story

Nov 20, 2016

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Brian's Story | The Road to Baptism

Brian and his family were driving down highway 40 when they collided with a drunk driver. This accident impacted them in more ways than they could have expected.

They walked away with minor injuries by the grace of God and the Lord continued to use this encounter to show more of who He is to Brian.

Over the past months, Brian has seen the Lord's protection and provision. He used this seemingly tragic incident to guide Brian towards Himself and his next step of faith, baptism. 

So often we want to change the circumstances we find ourselves in or the situation we may be facing, but ultimately God is in control. He is working for our good even when we cannot see it. 

"God has a plan for everything, and it's perfect. It may not be perfect for us in that situation, but it is if you look at it from His glorious perspective."