Ella Grace Fua's Baptism

Jan 9, 2022

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Ella Grace Fua shared this about why she chose to be baptized: "I have grown up going to Rolling Hills all of my life. I have always enjoyed going to church and love to serve in the preschool area. I decided to dedicate my life to Jesus two years ago, but I never found a perfect day to be baptized. But, I think this date is perfect to start off 2022 and continue my spiritual relationship with Jesus this year."

We've seen first-hand how God has moved in Ella Grace's life and in the whole Fua family's lives. They've been attending Rolling Hills for 18 years, so Ella Grace has known Pastor Jeff for her whole life. So, what a joy it was to have Pastor Jeff baptize her! We can't wait to see how God continues to work so faithfully in Ella Grace's life.