Krysten Augello's Baptism

Dec 5, 2021

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Over the past few years, Krysten has faced many challenges; yet, during these times, Jet, Krysten's boyfriend and a partner at Rolling Hills, encouraged her to lean into church and lean into God and His Word. In July 2021, Krysten decided to speak to God for the first time in her entire life.

Krysten said, "I finally put myself and need for control second and surrendered important decisions to Him, and I trusted the outcome without doubt. I have realized that God’s plan is bigger than me; it is bigger than any plan or thought I may have. By trusting in Him and allowing His love to protect me, I have experienced more grace and peace than ever before. I am ready and honored to accept God’s invitation in my life."

Krysten was baptized by Jet, and she said that he's the person who has shown her an example of a Godly man. He has been for her a tangible example of the positive impact of living a life led by a personal relationship with Jesus. Jet has continued to invest in her, in himself, and in his relationship with God to help encourage her on my journey, and she's so thankful to be able to have been baptized by him. Praise God for His work in Krysten's and Jet's lives! He's such a faithful God to us.