Racial Reconciliation & The Church's Role

Jun 21, 2020

TOPIC: Testimonies, Video

As a church, we have to play a role in ending and reconciling racism. One of our very own worship leaders, George Mhondera, sat down with Pastor Jeff to give us a chance to hear about his personal experience with racism, injustice, and the ways we, as the church, must step up. As a father in a biracial family, he also tells about how he and his wife, Lucy, are intentional about speaking the truth over their girls. His words are for all the dads on this journey of fatherhood to raise kids who love God and love others. 
Standing against racism and injustice is not only our choice, but also our responsibility, as Christ-followers and members of the body of Christ. We cannot and will not idly stand by. We have to listen, we have to speak out, and we have to love – no matter the color of one’s skin, no matter their nationality, no matter their socioeconomic status. We are ALL one in Christ Jesus. We are ALL made in the image of God. We are ALL chosen and dearly loved. Church, stand with us.