The Woodford's Story

Apr 17, 2022

TOPIC: Testimonies, Video

In early 2021, the Woodford family was blindsided by the sudden illness and eventual passing of Jeff Woodward. In his life on earth, Jeff was a follower of Jesus. He served the Lord as a faithful husband and father of two children. His family experienced a loss that many of us cannot begin to fathom.

Death and loss bring such heartbreak and throw off all the plans we have for our future. Death plunges us into grief and sorrow as we mourn their presence in our lives. For the Woodfords, this tragedy put their faith to the test. Even in the darkest times, their faith in Jesus was enough to bring them through. The Woodfords found support in the church, and the church found inspiration in the Woodfords’ remarkable faith. 

As Misty Woodford testifies, because of Jesus, death does not have the final say. The empty tomb proclaims the victory of the Son of God even over death. Jeff Woodford’s body may have passed away, but today he is alive in heaven with our Heavenly Father. His life gave glory to God, and his family continues that legacy as followers of Jesus Christ, our personal Lord and Savior. And one day, all believers will be reunited with one another and our God in heaven. We thank God for the testimony of the Woodfords.