Part 3: Emotional Health - FRC
Part 3: Emotional HealthPart 3: Emotional Health - FRC

Jan 16, 2022


From Genesis to Revelation, emotions from the human heart are in bold relief all throughout Scripture. From Cain killing Abel to the explosive jealousy of Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery, emotional well-being is a major theme in all the Bible. Today, we will examine the deterioration and restoration of the emotional health of an Old Testament character named Asaph found in Psalm 73. The psalm is composed of 28 verses. The first half of the psalm has four major thoughts that reveal the downward spiral of Asaph as he ponders the prosperity of the wicked. He becomes enslaved to wrong thinking, and his emotions are threadbare for all to see. In the second half, his thinking becomes clear, and he rises from the pit of despair. There is much to learn about our own emotions and how wrong thinking can take us captive.

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