Christmas | The Power of Perspective

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Nativity. In vocabulary, it means the process of being born. In divinity, it means Christmas.

Everyone has a nativity, the narrative of their birth. And every character has a different vantage, varied perspective, and unique role to play in such stories. The nativity of Jesus is the one we celebrate each Christmas. The characters in it tell tales all themselves, those of coming to and recognizing Jesus as more than just a baby. You see...

...Ordinary babies don’t arrive with angelic announcements.
...Ordinary babies don’t garnish the attention of a jealous king.
...Ordinary babies may be born in stables but aren’t worshipped by shepherds.
...Ordinary babies don’t warrant the wonder of wandering scholars.
...Ordinary babies don’t threaten the political establishment or religious rite.

Christ was no ordinary baby and He brought both comfort and joy, but also calamity and chaos, depending on...perspective.

What is it that the coming of Christ brings to you this Christmas?
What’s your perspective on Jesus?

Is the Christmas story this year offering you renewed hope in God’s word


Is the nativity wreaking havoc in your a very necessary, Christ-honoring, perspective-reorienting way?

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The Magi
The Magi

Dec 31, 2017


Even though Christmas is over, the story doesn’t end there. You see, the Magi did not enter the story until a month to two years _after_ Jesus’ birth. Hear from Jeff, Nic, Jason, and Chase as they unpack each of the three gifts from the Magi unto looking forward to what 2018 may hold for us as a corporate Body.

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