Finish Strong

Part 3: Battle of Jericho - FRC
Part 3: Battle of JerichoPart 3: Battle of Jericho - FRC

Oct 25, 2020


God does miracles in the lives of His people. God brought His people in the Bible out of slavery in Egypt, yet God was not finished with them. God had a beautiful land and life for them. And, God is not finished with us, as His people today. God brought us out of slavery to sin by His grace through Jesus Christ His Son. And, God is still at work in us. As long as there is breath in our lungs, God wants to use us for His glory. Two years ago, as a church, we embarked on a Campaign called, “For the Kingdom.” We have one year left, so let’s “Finish Strong.” Today, we start 21-Days of Prayer and Fasting until our Commitment, or Re-Commitment, Sunday on November 15. Our best days as a church are still ahead. Your best days, I believe, are still ahead. Let’s give our best for the glory of our great God! Let’s Finish Strong!

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