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As a culture, the month of February is typically when we celebrate love. And, regardless if you're a fan of Valentine's Day or not, whether it's love found in a marriage, a dating relationship, or even a godly friendship, love is one of God's greatest gifts.

We're dedicating this month to learning how to best live out the love God designed us for in our new series, Live in Love. God wants us to have a great love life. He created love and longs for us to thrive! Yet, there is a big difference between the world’s way of love and God’s way.

Our hope throughout this series is to help provide encouragement, direction, and resources for marriages, dating relationships, and other important relationships in our lives.

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Live in Love // Where Can I Find Real Love? // FRC + OLC
Live in Love // Where Can I Find Real Love?Live in Love // Where Can I Find Real Love? // FRC + OLC

Feb 18, 2024


Love is God’s idea. He created it. And, God wants us to excel at it. In fact, Jesus said the two greatest commandments are to love God and love others. Life all comes down to how we love. Therefore, having a great marriage starts today. It starts with putting God first in our own heart, putting God first in who we date and ultimately putting God first in our marriage. Love is a commitment, not just a feeling. Feelings come, and feelings go, but love is a commitment we make. If love were just a feeling, then it wouldn’t be a commandment. Are you living in love? Are you dying to self and living for Jesus in all your relationships? Let’s learn to live in love today.

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