Masterclass: Romans

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This summer, our Masterclass sermon series returns with a new chapter-by-chapter study of the Book of Romans! As we move forward from our celebration of Holy Week, we know that Jesus, our Messiah, has come. We know that He conquered death, and He ushered in a new covenant between God and man. But what does this all mean for humanity in this new age, and beyond? The Apostle Paul’s letter to the church in Rome will help us to better grasp the Gospel, the human condition, our unity with other believers, and God’s overarching story for humanity. We invite you to join us each week running through the end of July, for Masterclass: The Book of Romans. Let’s commit to being consistent and intentional in growing in our faith this summer so that we may become more Christlike and bring others to faith in His Gospel message.

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Part 15: Romans 15 - FRC
Part 15: Romans 15Part 15: Romans 15 - FRC

Jul 30, 2023


We have arrived at the conclusion of our Masterclass series on the book of Romans. What an incredible series it has been, as we have been diving deep into this powerful book of the Bible and seeing God’s righteousness and reconciliation for us today. Our God is a God of love, and His redemption extends to each of us through the gift of His Son, Jesus. Through Jesus, God draws us to Himself and reveals how we, as Christ-followers, should live. Romans establishes us in sound doctrine and in the amazing goodness of our great God. I pray Romans will bring revival in our hearts, our families, and our world today.

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