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Part 4: Happily Ever After - FRC
Part 4: Happily Ever AfterPart 4: Happily Ever After - FRC

Oct 04, 2020


We all want love. Not the cheap imitation that our world offers, but real love. We want a love that will last. A love that will stand the test of time and hardships. We want a rock solid, godly marriage or future marriage. We want loving friendships and to raise children that know they are truly loved. Real love is a choice. We choose to love or we choose not to love. We choose to love God, our spouse, our friends, our children or we don’t. Let’s be people of love. Let’s love like God - committed and unconditional. Let’s have a loving marriage and relationships. Let’s grow in our love - our love for God as “The One” of our life and our love for others. Let’s love!

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