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Part 5: Put It Into Practice
Part 5: Put It Into PracticePart 5: Put It Into Practice

Mar 01, 2020


In the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus makes a striking difference between the world and His disciples. Most people go the way of the world and their lives mirror culture. But, Jesus’ disciples follow the narrow way that leads to life. Jesus says that all people are known by their fruit. In your life, do you look more like the world or more like Jesus? Nobody (except Jesus) is perfect. Yet, do people see Christ in our lives and are we growing in our relationship with God? If not, then we must wonder if we are truly Christ-followers. Is Jesus the Lord of your life? This is the most important question for every person. Settle this in your own heart today, and then let’s live as His disciples every day of our life.

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