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As a culture, the month of February is typically when we celebrate love. And, regardless if you're a fan of Valentine's Day or not, whether it's love found in a marriage, a dating relationship, or even a godly friendship, love is one of God's greatest gifts.

We're dedicating this month to learning how to best live out the love God designed us for in our new series, Live in Love. God wants us to have a great love life. He created love and longs for us to thrive! Yet, there is a big difference between the world’s way of love and God’s way.

Our hope throughout this series is to help provide encouragement, direction, and resources for marriages, dating relationships, and other important relationships in our lives.

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Live in Love // How Can I Leave a Legacy of Love? // FRC + OLC
Live in Love // How Can I Leave a Legacy of Love?Live in Love // How Can I Leave a Legacy of Love? // FRC + OLC

Feb 25, 2024


Thank you for being patient with me. It gives me a sense of connection with you. And how I so appreciate your kindness, particularly when I don’t deserve it. It lavishes me with great joy. You never show envy toward those who have more. Grace is your teacher pushing me to maturity. You never exalt yourself through pride and a boastful spirit. This allows me to experience great freedom in your presence. I’m immersed in a harsh world, but your lack of rudeness resurrects my soul. I am forced to take inventory of my own life. You avoid self-seeking, but set a higher standard with all humility of mind, by thinking more highly of others than you do yourself. Such virtue affords me great comfort. I have done many foolish and upsetting things, but you never display anger. This encourages me to be myself and learn from your gentle spirit. By never keeping a record of wrongs, I feel no judgment and can be at peace, which provides such comfort. You avoid, at all costs, delighting in evil, which ministers to my soul and lifts my spirit daily. You always protect me from myself and the harmful influences that surround me. How uplifting this is when I feel dejected and alone. You are so trusting by providing a safe haven in which to lay my burdens, deepest thoughts, and secrets at your feet. Thank you for giving me such hope, so as to maintain an eternal perspective. Your perseverance keeps me focused on that which is important. To lLove sSupremely. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, for that is The Love of Jesus.

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