Life On Purpose

Part 7: Purpose

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Who could have imagined we would be here right now?! Just a few months ago there was great anticipation of what 2020 held for us, it felt significant and special. I can’t help but think that Paul may have had some of the same thoughts during the handful of episodes or moments we have explored in Acts 16. And what was true for Paul is true for us no matter what season and struggle we find ourselves in today. Our purpose remains the same through all circumstances, To know God through the work of Christ on the cross. Glorify God as we live lives of humble obedience and faith, and make Him known from our homes to the ends of the globe.


We are all searching for our purpose or a purpose

Purpose doesn’t change with season or episode. 

Our purpose is to know God. 

  • Our purpose was a part of creation

Our purpose is to glorify God.  

  • Glorifying God means obeying and trusting God. 
  • Glorifying God means praising God in all circumstances. 

Our purpose is to make God known.

  • Investing in the next generation. 
  • Strengthening other believers.
  • Proclaiming and loving the lost wherever you are.

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