The partners of Rolling Hills empower the work of the church through their time, investment, giving, and passion. Partners of the congregation serve in a variety of leadership capacities and heavily impact the direction and work of the church.

Our Servant Leadership Team is composed of A6 for men – based on Acts 6 – and C3 for women – based on Colossians 3. This team serves the function of “deacons” in the church. The word “deacon” means “servant leader.” In Scripture, we first see this leadership demonstrated in Acts 6 when the apostles chose people to lead out in the ministry of the church.

At Rolling Hills, these men and women are specifically recruited, vetted, and interviewed to be shepherds of our church family at all our campuses.They Pray, Care, and Serve our church family as prayer requests and needs arise. This can include dropping off meals to families in need, making hospital visits, or serving in other various capacities in the church.

If you have prayer requests that you would like our A6 or C3 members to pray over, you can submit a prayer request here.