Jimmy's Story

Sep 11, 2016

TOPIC: Testimonies, Missions

Everyone has a story. 

Watch as Jimmy shares how his Immeasurably More journey began with a call to go and minister to a world in need.

God calls us to the horizons of what we think is possible. He brings us to a place where we are uncomfortable so that we can step out, lean into Christ and impact others. Check out our Missions Brochure. We encourage you to read it and pray about getting involved in missions locally through our IMPACT ministry or internationally through Justice & Mercy International

In order to live an Immeasurably More Life, you have to get uncomfortable and make a move to minister, serve and lead. God wants us to use the tools He has given us to glorify Him. We challenge you to take a chance, carve out time and commit to investing your time, gifts and talents in missions this year.  Your obedience can change lives forever and build an everlasting kingdom of Christ followers. 

God can take our story filled with apathy and comfort and write one of courage and faith. We have all been invited to be a part of a greater story. Will you accept the invitation?